JFC controller is developed specifically for the disc filter controller, is composed of a microcomputer controller and a pressure signal distributor, are fixed in the IP65 waterproof box.

Microcomputer program controller can be set to start the interval, the pressure signal to start, forced start the external signal, etc. control the filter backwash function. Pressure signal distributor is a rotary guide valve, guide the liquid or gas pressure signal source switching filter system in the opening and closing of the backwash valve, in order to achieve the filter unit in order to backwash the automatic control function.

Characteristics are as follows:

1. Controller installation is integrated

2. Working power supply is 150-250V/AC, no need to worry cannot work properly due to voltage fluctuation

3. Display precisely left time of system would start backwash process and differential pressure state

4. Variety of backwash start mode: time interval start, remote or pressure differential signal start, enforcement start by manual

5. Variety of input and output signal: input of differential pressure or remote signal and low pressure protection signal, output of back wash distributor, master valve signal, delay valve signal and alarming signal

6. A variety of important information record: start times of DP gauge switch, interval time start times, enforcement start times by manual and total system running time. Clear accumulative records by manual is accessible

7. Convenient operating mode, easy to change parameter setting

8. Visual light display when back washing, light on the right of controller would appear visually when system is in backwash.


Description Downloads

1 JFC-11 manual
/ JFC-11 manual.pdf
2 JFC-11(2.1) manual
JFC-11(2.1) manual.pdf