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JK-Matic since 1994, has been working to improve the stack filter and improved, has introduced a JK-Matic characteristics of the disc filter.

JK-Matic disc filter is a device that can achieve high efficiency filtration and backwashing. On the basis of the traditional disc filter, JK-Matic disc filter adopts springless design, which effectively improves the corrosion of metal parts and prolongs the service life of disc filter. As a result of the removal of the spring, this makes the anti-washing pressure greatly reduced, saving up to 20%. In addition, JK-Matic disc filter also introduced the intake / exhaust valve structure, making the backwash effect better, more complete disc cleaning, water-saving up to 40%. Unique air buoyancy check valve technology, making disc filter and water contact parts without metal parts, effectively extending the service life. In the sealing technology, JK-Matic also carried out the corresponding research and development, the use of fast lock seal technology to ensure good sealing effect, while making maintenance more convenient. In addition, JK-Matic disc filter or a fully automated intelligent equipment, without complex control system for easy maintenance.

Recently, JK-Matic also officially launched a special for brackish water filtration of seawater special disc filter. Compared with the ordinary disc filter, with more corrosion-resistant features, and water contact parts without any metal parts.



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