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JK-Matic since its inception in 1994, began to independent research and development of multi-valve controller, and launched with its own characteristics of a series of related products。

JK-Matic introduced its own multi-valve system, is a real counter-current renewable water softener can reach 50% of the provincial salt, water-saving effect of 30%, and effectively reduce the secondary pollution of water. It is worth mentioning that, JK-Matic special launch with its own characteristics of the counter-current regeneration process, save water and salt.

JK-Matic multi-valve system uses flow metering mode, you can accurately measure the water, while improving the resin utilization, to achieve the purpose of provincial water province salt. Reverse flow softening, downstream softening, sand filtration, carbon filtration and other related processes can be flexible choice. Wide range of applications, large amount of water treatment, through the replacement of the valve size to achieve the system of different water requirements. JK-Matic multi-valve system uses a controller is designed specifically for the distributor controller, easy to learn, greatly reducing the training investment. After-sales service is simple, low maintenance costs, because the control part and the system separately, when the system fails, just replace the corresponding parts can be, the scene can be resolved. No professional engineers or equipment to factory Depot maintenance.


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