JK-matic Water Treatment

Mention of water treatment, many people may think this is a familiar and unfamiliar words. The reason we are familiar with is because in all aspects of daily life we are inseparable from the water, such as domestic water, industrial water, agricultural water and so on. The reason why a lot of people will feel strange, it is because we really link to the water treatment is not very in-depth understanding. Therefore, by browsing our website, you can let everyone have a more in-depth understanding of water treatment, while a better understanding of Kangjie Zhichen, understand our products and our philosophy.

Kangjie Zhichen as environmental protection enterprises, but also for their own construction and products made green and sustainable development goals.

Kangjie Zhichen all products are energy-saving, emission reduction, the world's advanced technology products.

Kangjie Zhichen Disc filter equipment, since the water consumption rate of three thousandths to five thousandths. Far less than conventional filtration equipment, eight to fifteen percent.

Kangjie Zhichen multi-valve system and the commonly used multi-valve system is more than the province of salt, water-saving level of 30% -50%.

Kangjie Zhichen since 2009 put forward the concept of the sponge factory in the factory construction to increase investment in the hundreds of million, the use of advanced ground source heat pump technology heating, refrigeration, and increase investment of nearly one million yuan to build a rainwater recycling system . The use of window house room after the development of free planting, breeding, the formation of small green recycling economy.

JK-matic Water Treatment Equipment Applications

Kangjie Zhichen since 1994, has been committed to the field of environmental protection of new products, new materials, new equipment research and development, production. And its products have been successfully applied to the field of water pretreatment.

For example, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis pretreatment, seawater desalination and salt water filtration, circulating water filtration / bypass filtration, heating and condensate recovery, ion exchange pretreatment, irrigation and nozzle protection, process water and wastewater reuse field.

JK-matic Disc Filter Principle Operation

Kangjie Zhichen disc filter laminated by a group of double-sided with different direction of the trench of polypropylene laminated structure, the two adjacent stack, the edge of the trench will form a large number of cross points . While the intersection points and constitute a large number of cavities and irregular channels, resulting in turbulence to intercept the solid particles at the intersection to achieve the purpose of filtering.

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